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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Zach Zenner spent months in a laboratory in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit a little over a year ago, spending his downtime doing research with rats instead of doing something more relaxing. Ameer Abdullah Jerseys That work is about to turn into something bigger, a byproduct that could alter his post-football life.

The Detroit Lions running back is the lead author on an original medical research study called "Free-radical scavenging reverses fructose-induced salt-sensitive hypertension." Barry Sanders Jerseys As long as the peer review process goes well with Dove Press, the study could be published by the end of the year, said Dr. William Beierwaltes, Zenner's boss at Henry Ford Hospital.

“Huge. He’s not a medical student yet. He doesn’t have a single day,” Beierwaltes said. “So in science, the most important single thing in science is publication. Calvin Johnson Jerseys And this, a real research study as opposed to a case study or a review, there’s lots of different things you can publish. “But the gold standard is an original research study, and that’s what this will be. This will be a completely original research study. He will be the principal author. He’s the first author. It was his work. He did it all.”

This is rare, according to Beierwaltes and Dr. Noreen Rossi, Zenner’s boss during his research this past offseason at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Detroit. Golden Tate III Jerseys Most medical students don’t have studies like this on their resume. Beierwaltes said some of his colleagues for more than a decade have not authored a publication like Zenner’s. Marvin Jones Jr Jerseys And this could be the first of multiple publications for Zenner, who eventually could have his work from Rossi’s lab this year end up in a journal too.

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